Sounds of tranquillity

Unlike in other Christmas markets, the sounds of tranquillity in Monschau don't issue from recordings.  Every weekend, numerous music societies, ensembles and musicians provide live, authentic music.

Friday is the day of the alpenhorn blowers, whose sounds reverberate throughout entire Monschau.

What is especially impressive is the evening performances of the Monschauer music clubs.  At the market square they send Christmas melodies ringing out over the rooftops of Monschau - captivating moments not easily forgotten.

Live nativity scene

One of the special crowd-pullers of the Monschauer Christmas market is the Live Nativity Scene.  This is a verbatim recitation and performance of the "Nativity of Jesus" according to the Gospel of St Luke. This play at the Brauereimuseum in Monschau is performed among lovingly constructed scenery by lay actors and live animals.  The Christmas story is performed in a pastoral and plain manner. An offering that invites contemplation.

The performances take place every Saturday and Sunday of all four Advent weekends, at the Brauereimuseum in the St. Vither Strasse - behind the Parkplatz Burgau, and start at 3:00pm, 4:00pm and 5:00pm.

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