Christmas can be so romantic

The scent of German gingerbread, Lebkuchen and Printen, and mulled wine, wafts through the narrow alleys – these are the fragrances of Christmas.

Picturesque timbered houses, cobbled streets, medieval ambience, wonderfully decorated wooden huts snuggle up against old buildings all bathed with light – these are the sights of Christmas.

High above the market square tower musicians present themselves in resplendent garments, alpenhorn blowers shoulder their instruments, musical ensembles sing tranquil melodies – these are the sounds of Christmas.

The Christmas market in Monschau is Christmas.

When the time has come, and, all around the romantic market square in the little medieval town of Monschau, the wooden huts decorated with fairy lights have been set up, and the timber frames of houses, the streets, alleys, and trees are festooned with lights and Christmas decoration, it is then the most romantic Christmas market anywhere in the country opens its gates.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric Christmas world of the old cloth manufacturer town on the Rur, and experience an Advent season at its most wonderful.

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